The Bridget & Carey Show 2006-2009 was cancelled in May.

I realize I should have been a doctor. They make a lot more money. Since I don’t have enough money saved up for medical school or malpractice insurance, I’m focusing on attaining my next exciting broadcast media role and posting daily here online.

In my most recent position as Brand Manager/Program Director and Afternoon Drive Air Talent in Portland OR for CCM+E (Clear Channel) my day to day Programming duties of interfacing with Marketing, Promotions, Sales, Digital, and Corporate management initiatives (almost forgot endorsement spot copy reads) I became increasing aware of the need to streamline my SIX hour Afternoon Drive shift with a specific show prep plan that would allow me to hit the studio and crank out a compelling, relatable, age cell demo targeted, time sensitive series of talk breaks that actually added something to a listener’s day, in between the songs, spots, weather and traffic. The result is here on my tuned-IN blog – show prep for multitasking multiple hat wearing modern day radio survivors who lack the time to lay out an air shift that has the content you need, written for air talent, by air talent who refuse to limit their on air exposure to typical liner card jockdom. Go ahead and bookmark or blog roll my tuned-IN blog. Write me sometime, we can trade interesting movie quotes, like my favorite line from “Fight Club.”